Understanding Shell Commands With Explain Shell

Understanding Shell Commands With Explain Shell

21-02-2020 On Por Sinesio Bittencourt

Do you know Explainshell? Explianshell.com is website or platform that can help you to find what each part of a Linux command does. This platform is not for all, only linux lovers can use it. Leaners, beginners, and experts can use this tool to know and learn.

Some of the pupil do quick search on google to know about the linux commands. They can get the answer through google But Explain shell is some what different. It can break down the long and confusing commands and can eaxactly tell you what each part of the command does as output.

What do you need to do exactly?

Linux’s users can copy the confusing command and can paste it into the explainshell page or website. Instantly, it will display what each part of a Linux command means. Every part of the full command will be explained in a box and will be highlighted when you will move the cursor over the command. You must know that explain shell takes the details of the each part of the command from the man pages. Now you need not to go to man pages manually, you can get the details of the Linux command through explainshell faster and easier.

Explainshell breaks down your Linux command into the parts and displays the explanation of each part one by one.

Moreover, all the displayed information on the website explainshell.com arranged well through the nice box layout. Don’t waste your time while searching on google or manpages, This website can make a Linux user’s command line experience much easier, and the best handy tool to have in your knowledge.

Explainshell is a platform that can parse any shell command and can provide help text for each argument. Access to it is always via intention actions (Explain shell and Alt + Enter). It is web interface that is capable of parsing man pages and give a detail of a given command line by matching each argument to the help text in the man page.

What are the components of the explainshell?

Explain shell platform is made up of following components:

  1. Man page reader- It converts the given manpage from the raw format to the html version.
  2. A classifier- It goes through every line or paragraph in the man page and classifies it as contains options or not.
  3. An extractor- It can scan classified line or paragraphs and looks for more options.
  4. An important component called storage backend- It saves the processesd man pages to store.py (mongodb)
  5. A matcher- It walks the command’s AST and contextually matches each node to relevant help text. i.e. matcher.py

Some more technical points for explainshell are:

  • It parses the query into AST
  • Visit command nodes and shell related nodes in the AST
  • It returs a list of matches that are rendered with flast
  • In case of every command node, you check how to explain the current program. After that, you go to the rest of the tokens tying to match each one to the various list of the known options.

We can clear you by giving the information of command nodes and shell related nodes

Command nodes: These nodes represents simple nodes.

Shell related nodes: These shell related nodes represent the shell interprets like ‘|’, ‘&&’.

Explain shell is made for the linux users. As we have noticed that linux users are getting increased day day as it can do a lot of miracles in the computer world:

  • Linux can run years without being restarted. It has no registry issue and no and no debilitating memory management issues.
  • It can update any software on the machine
  • It can be trusted. It can scale as it runs on over 99% of the top 500 supercomputers in the world.
  • Linux can be used with, explored, modified, rewritten, and redistributed with extreme ease, under a share-alike license that anyone can understand. Not any thing on the linux is impossible that is possible on windows. You must know that somewhere windows lacks but linux never.
  • More over, it is free of cost hence open source.

So, we recommend you if you are also using linux , play with the commands and get more knowledge about them. More and more practicals will make more sharp in your area. Explain shell platform can help you a lot if you want bits information about any command. Don’t be confused with the lond commands copy them and the paste into the explain shell page- you will get the information of all small pieces here.

Yes, we agree that there are many other sources from where you can go and get the details of every linux command but here is different that you can get the exact knowledge in no time.

If you are already using the explainshell.com for making your commands clear, it is good. If you don’t know about this platform then we recommend you to use it at once, you will make a difference.

Still, if you have not cleared our points then we will show you the example : Lets a user wants to use the following command :

ssh -i keyfile -f -N -L 1234:www.google.com:80 host

What you need to do? You just need to copy the above command and paste it into information box of the explain shell.com.

Explain Shell would explain that -i keyfile selects the file containing your key, -f runs it in the background, and so on. It doesn’t work with every command you’ll ever come across, but it’s a pretty handy tool to have in your mind.”

Conclusion: In short, we want you to know that explainshell is a great tool to learn the commands in the right way. Don’t search here and there, explainshell provides you what you want exactly.

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